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Welcome To My Blog First, I’d like to thank you for spending your time here, given the countless resources for learning that are available to


Quality Concepts For Testers

Quality Concepts For Testers Abstract: I’ve put some resources together on techniques, tools and most importantly; new ways of thinking, that I believe would be


Testers Tell A Compelling Story

Testers Tell A Compelling Story Abstract: If you’ve spent any time in the context-driven testing community, then you have probably heard the following directive: As


The Improvement Continuum

The Improvement Continuum Abstract: The Improvement Continuum is a dual-pronged concept, containing both product and personal components, like two heads on the same animal. One head


Time Trial Testing Episode 1: SFDIPOT Model

Introduction: Recently, Brian Kurtz and I thought it’d be fun to take a look at a process, tool or model within the testing industry at least


CAST 2015: Distilled

Brian Kurtz and I recently traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan to attend CAST 2015, a testing conference put on by AST and other members of the Context-Driven


Time Trial Testing Episode 2: Risk Heuristics

In this episode of Time Trial Testing, Brian Kurtz and I time-boxed ourselves to a 45-minute session to perform risk assessment of the X-Mind product. We used


A Sprint Framework For Testers

Abstract: A Sprint Framework For Testers is a brief outline of my suggested processes and practices employed by a Tester that resides within a software development scrum


Episode VII: The Tester Awakens

Abstract: A brief blog post on being an intentionally awake tester. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, so be a critical thinker and avid learner


Don’t Lie On Your Resume, Ever.

Abstract: Don’t lie on your resume. Ever. If we don’t immediately shine light on damaging advice, then we secede our integrity to the misinformed. A question was


Career Paths For Testers

Abstract: At the company for which I work, testers have two main pathways they can pursue: non-technical and technical. The information presented in this post is written


A Personal Metric for Self-Improvement

Article revisions: Learning is continuous, thus my understanding of testing and related knowledge is continually augmented. Below is the revision history of this article, along with


A Documentation Story

Abstract: This is a story about an experience that Brian Kurtz​ and I had in shifting test documentation strategies from and all-manual unintentional approach to


My Testing Journey

Abstract: This is a personal experience story about where I started as a tester and how I have grown through my experiences and interaction with

Testing Manifesto

Abstract: The Testing Manifesto is an encapsulation of a what some of us, context-driven testers, believe the role of “Tester” to be. The skill-craft of testing can be too


A Tester’s Guide To The Galaxy

Abstract: I’ve created a reference card pack that you can use to do better testing, by fostering a team-driven approach to collaborative holistic exposure of high-value


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What is Testing?

Abstract: A brief post, the tip of the iceberg on exploring the question ‘What is testing?’. If this intrigues you, then comment or contact me


Testing Terminology

Abstract:Another brief post, reacting to a culmination of bad posts I have seen lately in the testing community surrounding the testing terminology we use to


Hiring Good Testers

Abstract: I frequently get asked how I interview testers, be it anyone from exploratory to automation and anywhere within that spectrum (i.e. including “Toolsmiths”, see