Welcome To My Blog First, I’d like to thank you for spending your time here, given the countless resources for learning that are available to us through other mediums. If you have not yet read my main About page, then please do that as well to garner more context on where I am coming from. While

Quality Concepts For Testers

Quality Concepts For Testers Abstract: I’ve put some resources together on techniques, tools and most importantly; new ways of thinking, that I believe would be beneficial to those within our skill-craft of testing. I know we come from a variety of backgrounds, so I wanted to share some of the quality concepts that I see

Testers Tell A Compelling Story

Testers Tell A Compelling Story Abstract: If you’ve spent any time in the context-driven testing community, then you have probably heard the following directive: As testers, we must tell a compelling story to our stakeholders. But, what does this really mean? Are we just talking about a checklist here? Are we just trying to sound

The Improvement Continuum

The Improvement Continuum Abstract: The Improvement Continuum is a dual-pronged concept, containing both product and personal components, like two heads on a double-headed dragon. One head of this dragon pertains to a solution, product or service, while the other concerns itself with the human mind, particularly our capacity for learning. This theory states that a viable